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At Advanced Dentistry of New York, we believe in using the latest dental technology to give our patients the excellent dental care they deserve. With our advanced tools, Dr. Backer is pleased to provide you with more accurate and thorough diagnoses and treatments. When you visit our practice, you can relax knowing that you are getting the best possible dental care. We are pleased to use advanced dental technology in Jackson Heights, New York, and we invite you to contact us at (718) 476-3800 to learn more about how these tools can benefit you in your next appointment with our dentist.

Dr. Backer and his team are dedicated to continually providing you and your family with the highest available level of care. We are committed to meeting all of your dental needs and to providing you with a dental experience that is comfortable and pleasant each time you visit us. To help us achieve these goals, we are pleased to offer the benefits of state-of-the-art dental technology. Dental technology includes a number of cutting-edge tools, equipment, techniques, and materials we use at our dental office to ensure you receive high-quality, gentle dental care. Our dentist and the team have received the necessary training to utilize advanced dental technology to enhance your dental care and health.

We strive to use advanced dental technology to make your dental experience as efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. For example, our diagnostic equipment aids us in making quick, accurate diagnoses and helping us effectively plan your treatment. We strive to utilize the latest, most advanced technology available to provide you with the best possible experience and care every time you visit our office. Each of our different types of dental technology has its own benefits, and we invite you to continue browsing our website and contact our dental practice to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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