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Healthy diets create healthy smiles. Knowing what to eat will not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but it will improve the health of your teeth and gums as well. Various foods and drink choices could alter your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, and even potentially strengthen your tooth enamel. Listed below are healthy food choices to consider:

– Never eat foods as snacks between meals, as this can increase the time your teeth are exposed to the ingredients in the food. If you wish to use a mouth cleanser after eating, try mouthwash. Never brush directly after eating, as your teeth may be extra sensitive and brushing could be too abrasive on them.
– Try eating crunchy and nutritious foods that have a high water content, like pears and apples. These foods can wash away food residue easier and help keep your mouth clean.
– Studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum after meals can produce saliva and help prevent cavities.
– Foods with high calcium and phosphorous content can re-mineralize your tooth enamel. This includes various meats such as chicken, various cheeses and nuts, and even milk.

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