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Do you have damaged or missing teeth because of an oral accident, gum disease, or tooth decay? If so, you will want to restore the teeth to maintain the healthy function of your smile and facial profile. Our dental office offers crowns, bridges, and implants to help restore lost teeth.

Crowns: Used to completely cover a tooth which while strengthening it. A crown can also improve the tooth’s appearance, shape, and alignment. Crowns can also be attached to a dental implant and function fully as a tooth. These fixed prosthetic devices are cemented onto the implant or tooth, so they can only be removed by your dentist, unlike dentures.

Bridges: Used to bridge the space left behind when teeth go missing. Bridges, like crowns, are also fixed prosthetic devices, supported by surrounding teeth or dental implants. With bridges, the teeth that act as anchors are known as abutments, and the replacement tooth over the abutments is called a pontic.

Implants: These titanium devices function as a tooth root and are surgically attached into the jawbone beneath the gum line. This serves as an anchor for your dentist to affix a tooth replacement or bridge to fill in the space. Dental implants function as sturdy tooth replacements that don’t come loose (like dentures), neither do they require anchoring to neighboring teeth (like bridges).

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