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Veneers are a wonderful investment in your smile. They can hide stains or chips in your teeth, or be used to correct problems with teeth that are too short, or unevenly spaced. To place a veneer, our dentist, Dr. [doctor_name] needs to remove a small amount of tooth enamel, which means there is no reversing the process. So, once a veneer has been placed, you need to take care of it!

With the proper care, your veneer can last for up to ten years. While they are fairly tough, they don’t last forever and they can be damaged and stained.

Eating hard or tough foods, chewing on ice, and using your teeth to open things like bags can damage your veneers, and it is a good way to introduce bacteria to your mouth. If you suffer from bruxism, which is the subconscious grinding of your teeth, you should let your dentist know and talk about wearing a night guard when you sleep. If you play sports, a mouth guard is a good idea anyway, but is also especially important to wear if you play sports. Your veneers can stain over time, and if you are partial to dark-colored foods and beverages, or if you smoke or use tobacco, they will be affected and your dentist will have to polish or replace them. It’s also not uncommon for the cement to wear away as time goes on, and if that happens, save the veneer and bring it with you to your appointment with our dentist, Dr. [doctor_name].

Remember that veneers are very good at protecting the fronts of your teeth, but the backs are still vulnerable to decay, so you will need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once a day and see the dentist for your regular appointments.

If you have one or more teeth that can use some improvement, we would love to help you. To make an appointment for dental veneers in [city], [state], call [phone] today to schedule an appointment at [practice_name].