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Some beverages can do serious damage to your teeth. Here is a list of 5 that will seriously affect your smile:

Soda: Sodas are highly acidic and can strip minerals from your enamel. If your soda has sugar in it, it is doubly dangerous, as the sugars in the soda are converted into acid in your mouth, further damaging enamel.

Alcohol: Alcoholic drinks can be very acidic. Alcohol itself dries out your mouth by reducing saliva flow. When saliva consistently fails to wash away food particles and plaque, it can lead to cavities and even gum disease. To add insult to injury, some dark alcoholic drinks, such as red wine, can even stain your tooth enamel.

Coffee: Coffee dehydrates you, dries your mouth, and stains your teeth. People also often add sugar to their coffee, which is converted to acid in the mouth, further damaging your teeth.

Giving some of these drinks up completely is not easy, especially if drinking them is already a habit in your life. If you decide to continue drinking them, there are certain ways you can decrease their detrimental effects. Limit your mouth’s exposure to them by drinking them all at once, rather than sipping on them throughout the day. Afterward, drink or rinse your mouth with plain water to keep it clean.

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