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If you are on the hunt for an alternative way to floss your teeth, you can look into water flossing. Water flossing can provide all the benefits of using a string, but could be easier to handle, especially if circumstances get in the way of normal flossing.

With water flossing, you would use a small device that fits in your hand. It is attached to a tank which you can place on your counter and fill up as needed. The device sprays water between your teeth to remove plaque and excess food that tends to build up there.

The water flosser can have benefits for people who cannot easily floss otherwise. People who have extreme difficulty with moving or using their hands can use this device, since moving the nozzle is less complicated than maneuvering a string of dental floss through the teeth.

Likewise, people with braces or other types of dental inserts can find this method more convenient. Braces block their owners from getting dental floss into the gaps of the teeth. The water flosser can shoot past the braces to clean those areas. While this is a helpful tool, you should still brush twice every day. The water flosser does not remove brushing from the equation, instead it is an addition to your regular oral care.

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